Who Are We?

Cynthia Bernheim

A Mixed Media Artist who is currently exploring the possibilities of fine art printmaking in her work, Cynthia has degrees in Molecular Biology from UCL and Textile Design from Chelsea College of Art & Design. Her background in science and textiles has informed the subject matter of her work, which included one of the elephants for the Elephant Parade London 2010 in aid of safeguarding the future of the endangered Asian Elephant.

Theo Bridge

Theo is a freelance Designer-Researcher with a background in Industrial Design who has worked with the likes of DesignersBlock, IDEO and the Design Against Crime Research Centre. He also ran the charity New Deal of the Mind; leading the pop-up project by locating disused space and transforming it into supported studios. Theo is inquisitive by nature and often notices things that are often overlooked, his work focuses on Design Methods, Social Innovation and the interactions between people and their environments.

Barney Heywood

As a creative producer and designer, Barney produces theatrical and artistic projects that are bold, transformative, and entertaining. This encompasses a broad range of skills, from narrative development to set design, and filmmaking to promotional graphics. His background in Fine Art and Installation brings fresh insights, which allows the creation of environments where people come together to celebrate and experience the world and their place within it.


Bruna Martins

Brazilian born Bruna fell in love with graphic design, typography, illustration, posters, photography, guerrilla and activism while doing her BA in Visual Communication. All that love and respect for animals resurfaced when she was doing an MA in Graphic Design in London, focusing on street art and animal rights. Her style usually reflects her passions, aiming  to get her audience to rethink their daily actions by being on the verge of controversy. Her main focus is to work mostly with environmental and social causes and exploring different printing methods as well as collaborating with other designers in the HOUSE.

Holly McCulloch

Holly McCulloch is a visual artist and production designer who thinks a dress is the most interesting indicator of a time and place than any other form. Fascinated by the power and language of clothing, Holly’s work takes the dress as a starting point for drawings, sculptures, costumes and installations that play with the social and political connotations of colour and style.

As a production designer working on various film and art projects Holly really enjoys the process of collaboration; discussing ideas and coming up with ways to make a project visually exciting and conceptually meaningful.

Dilini Nanayakkara

Having studied at the University of Cambridge, Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion, Dilini has a unique background in Physics and Finance, which enables her to bring a fresh perspective to the Fashion Design world. With emphasis on Texture, Form and Silhouette, the vision is to offer a classic, relaxed-luxury fashion line for those who appreciate timeless style and quality with a delightful twist.

David Will Sugden

David studied Cartooning and Computer Animation at Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts. Returning to his home country of Brazil, he founded both a Musical Events Production Company and a Graphic Bureau. Currently living in London, he is active within his own graphics company as an illustrator. He’s currently venturing into the Motion Graphics world.

Antonno Versteeg

After his MSc Strategic Product Design, Antonno has worked as a freelance project manager and designer on sustainability and interaction related projects. He initiated the Entertain & Sustain project, designing and developing products, installations and workshops to engage visitors with sustainability issues. Antonno has a high interest in using creativity and design methodology to create meaningful and social solutions, without losing profitability.

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