Paula Zuccotti from Seymourpowell talks at PopUpHOUSE

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On Thursday 23rd September Paula Zuccotti, head of research and associate director at global Innovation company Seymourpowell, accepted HOUSE’s invitation to talk at PopUpHOUSE about understanding the role of ethnography and user research in the process of design and innovation.

Paula commented “empowerment is about re-activating someone’s power by sharing skills and motivation. I will be sharing with you my insights and top tips to uncover user needs through ethnographic research. Ethnography is a hugely stimulating process where one learns from other people. Its also fun and tremendously rewarding!”

Visitors to PopUpHOUSE discovered that ethnography is the observation and analysis of people carrying out activities in their real environments. With the aim of understanding and uncovering the functional and emotional needs of their relationships with products (brands, services, interfaces) by informing and inspiring the design process, ethnography gives designers a platform for innovation. “We can see what others don’t through research, analysis and strategy, learning to ‘look’, ‘think’ and ‘articulate’ in a different way” believes Zuccotti.

Paula joined Seymourpowell in 2001 after studying industrial design at the University of Buenos Aires, and a masters in design strategy and innovation from Brunel University. Since then Paula has developed Seymourpowell’s renowned ethnographic research offer. She is an expert in translating user-centric insights into opportunities for new products, services, brands and user interface developments. Paula directs consumer research on a global scale into projects for a wide variety of clients including Nokia, Hellmann’s, Samsung, Rexona (Sure), Tesco, Panasonic and Dove. Paula believes  “design is about makings things better: better for people, better for business, and better for the world.”

You can read more about Paula Zuccotti’s involvement with HOUSE Collective on the News and Press page of Seymourpowell’s website or on our blog.

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