AIRimages PLAYfashion Photoshoot at PopUpHOUSE

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Saturday 25th September During the day of PopUpHOUSE’s fashion show Soho, AIRimages conducted their interactive and participatory live PLAYfashion Photoshoot, a mixture of fashion, documentary and portrait photography. Visitors as well as the artists involved had the chance to dress up and mingle with the models being made ready for the fashion show planned for the evening that day.

By exploring the environment and the people acting within it, PLAYfashion Photoshoot was a brilliant way to mix up people and their roles. Not only were the models themselves partly recruited amongst the visitors – truly participatory – but participants of AIRimages‘ photo-shoot became models and subject to an audience made up of visitors coming to browse through PopUpHOUSE’s range of product design, clothes, textiles, paintings, illustrations and performance. In AIRimages words “A truly confusing, therefore liberating and inspiring scenario.”  PopUpHOUSE’s interactive setting allowed visitors to be immersed and blur the boundaries of creators and receivers, that is made visible by AIRimages‘ photography.

In their practice AIRimages have been exploring the idea of the documentation becoming an event itself and have produced various material making this development of contemporary society evident. Yet again, in the setting of vibrant Soho the images show a diverse audience and truly new configurations.

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AIRimages PLAYfashion Photoshoot

Equipped with camera and custom clothing and accessories, AIRimages wants you to dive into a dynamic exploration of the images of contemporary fashion and its mediation through photography. Visitors are invited to participate and have a say in the making of fashion. A new form of discussion this high-energy participatory performance is not about talking, it is about doing – choosing clothes, wearing them, feeling them, looking into the mirror, then letting the image take over and start playing with it. The camera captures all: it becomes the audience, the silent partner that both reassures and challenges. It’s a visual discussion on fashion: What makes fashion, what makes a model, what makes a desirable image and do we have to believe it?

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