Thats your lot, for now…

Wow! What a great nine days, we’ve had a fantastic time at 1 Berwick Street and would like to say massive thank you to EVERYONE who was involved in PopUpHOUSE. We have learnt so much putting it on and really appreciate every last bit of help/advice/shoulder to cry on. The next step is to begin uploading all of the photos up, they should start appearing on our Facebook Page and Flickr over the next few day (but give us some time we might have been a bit shutter happy).

We’re all catching up on nine days worth of sleep, but in the mean time we will start adding more articles about what has been happening at PopUpHOUSE for those of you who have missed anything. We will also share with you some exciting tit-bits of our next project… To make sure you don’t miss anything be sure to sign up for our mailing list.

The lovely NOTCOT have also featured us in their weekly round up of design goodness.

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