PopupHOUSE on this Thursday

Many activities today at PopupHOUSE at 1 Berwick Street, Soho, London. Ranging from a workshop brand identity by Mark of Stranger to Stand and Stare immersive performances, PopupHOUSE offers something creative and engaging for everybody! We get more and more people coming in to work on their projects inside the space and enjoy the homely atmosphere, the decent priced drinks and the ‘eclectic’ music. Also the shop area gets more and more the interest of tourists, locals and design festival pilgrims.

We’re open up until the 26th of September so please drop by while it lasts!

About Antonno

After his MSc Strategic Product Design, Antonno has worked as a freelance project manager and designer on sustainability and interaction related projects. He initiated the Entertain & Sustain project, designing and developing products, installations and workshops to engage visitors with sustainability issues. Antonno has a high interest in using creativity and design methodology to create meaningful and social solutions, without losing profitability.
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