Talk by Moritz Waldemeyer a big success

Yesterday Moritz Waldemeyer, the designer known for his collaborations with for example top designers Ron Arad, Hussein Chalayan and Zaha Hadid, gave a talk about his work at PopUpHOUSE. Moritz entertained and engaged the audience with examples of his practice, from starting out at Philips Research up until his latest endeavours with car manufacturer Maybach, a story including private jets to Istanbul and kung fu sticks fitted out with lasers and LEDs. Of course the best way to learn about his work was to be present yesterday evening, but for everybody that wasn’t present, please check out: and the pictures at the flickr account of HOUSE Collective.

Moritz Waldemeyer at PopupHOUSE

About Antonno

After his MSc Strategic Product Design, Antonno has worked as a freelance project manager and designer on sustainability and interaction related projects. He initiated the Entertain & Sustain project, designing and developing products, installations and workshops to engage visitors with sustainability issues. Antonno has a high interest in using creativity and design methodology to create meaningful and social solutions, without losing profitability.
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