D&AD talk about Fanzines currently on @ PopUpHOUSE

The D&AD is at the moment hosting its Sharp’ner event at PopUpHOUSE. Being part of the London Design Festival programme, HOUSE Collective is delighted to be able to provide the space for the night, themed on Fanzines. After an introduction by the president of the D&AD, the presentation and discussion was started by chair Teal Triggs, Professor of Graphic Design at the University of the Arts in London. With presentations of Cathy Lomax, founder of the still publishing Arty zine and Neil Boorman of the Shoreditch Twat, the evening started out promising! There will be more presentations after the break, by for example Laura of Savage Messiah.

Neil from Shoreditch Twat

Socializing in the break

About Antonno

After his MSc Strategic Product Design, Antonno has worked as a freelance project manager and designer on sustainability and interaction related projects. He initiated the Entertain & Sustain project, designing and developing products, installations and workshops to engage visitors with sustainability issues. Antonno has a high interest in using creativity and design methodology to create meaningful and social solutions, without losing profitability.
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