Immersive Theatre from Stand + Stare Collective at PopUpHOUSE

Stand + Stare Collective will be presenting The Children of Modernity at PopUpHOUSE. It is an immersive theatre performance lasting approximately 20mins, running on rotation with up to six audience members at a time. The Children of Modernity will run 23rd – 25th September, 12-6pm.

The Children of Modernity

It is the early 1970′s and Rossie Heath, a key member in a commune called ‘The Children of Modernity’ has gone missing. Up to six audience members at a time will uncover the mystery of her disappearance through a variety of media and the exploration of a tent.

Stand + Stare Collective

The Stand + Stare Collective orchestrate artistic and theatrical happenings, often in unconventional settings, that seek, through whichever art forms work best, to surprise, delight and entertain.

Previous work includes the acclaimed S.S Arcadia, an immersive, site-specific show created by approximately 60 performers, artists, designers, technicians and volunteers in a disused building in central Bristol. Audience members became passengers on the ocean liner, SS Arcadia, and were free to explore the ship with its eclectic mix of characters, scenes, films and installations.

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