Press Release – Introducing HOUSE

A new creative collective to help young designers empower themselves and dictate their own future.

London, UK, 1st September 2010 – Creative collective HOUSE is today announcing its first event to coincide with London Design Festival 2010 (18-26 September). Known as PopUpHOUSE, the nine-day event will feature workshops, industry talks and creative events on design, performance, art and fashion. Highlights include sessions from D&AD and leading design and innovation company Seymourpowell.

HOUSE was founded in early 2010 by a network of young creative talent from across the UK, brought together by the Immersion Programme at Central Saint Martins. The goal of HOUSE is to create environments for emerging artists and designers to come together and foster new relationships at the grass roots level of art and design to share knowledge, experiences and industry best practices. HOUSE aims to foster an alternative environment that encourages young designers to empower themselves and dictate their own future.

Theo Bridge, co-founder of HOUSE explains, “In a tough financial climate dominated by cuts, HOUSE recognises that to encourage the growth of the UK’s creative sector we need to create an environment that empowers young designers and nurtures entrepreneurial spirit.” Bridge adds, “Through events such as PopUpHOUSE we aim to bring together a network of ambitious designers, artists, performers to collaborate and build a brighter future.”

PopUpHOUSE will take place in the heart of London’s Soho, featuring a wide variety of workshops and talks from both industry leaders and young designers. Highlights include a ‘Sharp’ner’ event from D&AD and an industry talk from Paula Zuccotti of Seymourpowell on understanding the role of ethnography and user research in the process of design and innovation. PopUpHOUSE will also host immersive theatre performances from Stand & Stare Collective, a fashion show from Central Saint Martins fashion graduates, short film screenings by young independent film makers and an installation by Holly McCulloch and Joe Morris. Further programme highlights can be found below.

Paula Zuccotti, associate director at Seymourpowell commented, “I’m thrilled to be taking part in PopUpHOUSE. The team at HOUSE have a special style that works well to nurture collaboration, which I believe is important to the future of the creative industries.”

With regards to Zuccotti’s involvement, she added, “My work includes extensive travel and immersion into the real lives and environments of product users (from shadowing mobile workers across the country, to witnessing girls in Tokyo getting ready for a night-out). By giving this talk at PopUpHOUSE I hope to convey the message to new design talent to always put people at the start and centre of every project, as ultimately design is about making things better for people.”

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For more information:

Theo Bridge, Co-Founder HOUSE
Tel: 07891 835 046

PopUpHOUSE Location

1 Berwick Street

PopUpHOUSE highlights

  • D&AD Sharp’ner event – Tuesday 21st September
  • HTML5 & CSS3 workshops from E-NOISE – Wedensday 22nd September
  • Talk by Paula Zuccotti of Seymourpowell – Thursday 23rd September
  • Immersive theatre performances from Stand & Stare Collective
  • Fashion show from Central Saint Martins Fashion graduates
  • Short film screenings by young independent film makers
  • Life Story workshop by Fio Adams
  • Workshop on sustainable design by Antonno Versteeg
  • Boutique featuring exclusive pieces by young creative talent from across the UK
  • Installation by Holly McCulloch and Joe Morris


HOUSE is a creative collective founded by a network of young creative talent from across the UK brought together by the Immersion Programme at Central Saint Martins. HOUSE recognise the issues faced when starting in the creative industry and acknowledge the importance of networking and collaboration to develop meaningful ideas. HOUSE believe that an open-access, freely available hub is needed to nurture entrepreneurial spirit within the industry.

The team at HOUSE are:

  • Luisa Baeta
  • Cynthia Bernheim
  • Theo Bridge
  • Barney Heywood
  • Rachel Lewis
  • Bruna Martins
  • Holly McCulloch
  • Joe Morris
  • Dilini Nanayakkara
  • David Will Sugden
  • Antonno Versteeg
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