HOUSE Needs You!

Hello! This is a public call for proposal submissions to get evolved with PopUpHOUSE.

The deadline for proposals is Tuesday 17th August, a short paragraph and an image would be great. We really want to have as many projects happening as possible, so if you have anything that you think might work please get in touch. We are looking for workshops, talks, performances, artworks, films, installations, and products.

As part of PopUpHOUSE we will have a shop/boutique area where objects and clothes will be sold. If you have anything you would like to sell, even if it is very small, then please let us know.

We will also being organising a short film screening, so if any of you have films that are under 15 mins please send them in.

The project will run from 17/18th – 26th September 2010.

Please send your proposals to


HOUSE Collective.

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